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Digital Marketing in Dacula, Georgia
We're Just Down the Street. Your Local, Family-Owned, Digital Marketing Company.

Digital Marketing in Dacula, GA

Our Services: Website Design, SEO, Pay Per Click, & Social Media Marketing and More!
Local to You, Right by the Mall of GA.

Websites that don't index in a search engine just plain stink, and we've seen too many of them when potential clients come in.  Some of the sites look ok, some really don't, but by and large, they truly fail the ability to market a business successfully on the web.  We've seen some  "pretty" websites, some that are aesthetically appealing, but their construct is often so off that they literally don't index in Google--  which means one thing--  they don't get found, no matter what the website looks like.  That's a problem.  Business owners deserve more than just something beautiful or creatively designed; they need something that drives clients to their business and has a return for their business. Sites that are designed to be search engine friendly yield far better results every time, and most clients don't even know how to assess this or even ask for it from their web designer.  That's why Make It Loud does business differently than most other companies because we keep the end goal in mind, and it's not just a pretty website. 

Make It Loud started out as a web design agency back in 2004 and quickly adopted digital marketing strategies so that we could better serve the people who were entrusting their work to us.  We not only design beautiful sites that reflect clients well to the outside world, we also provide SEO services, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing campaigns, and also Social Media Marketing so that these sites we do get found.  You'll also find services with us like Conversion Optimization which allows us to test how individual pages rank over others, to truly make sure that you are spending your money wisely when you do digital marketing.

Don't Miss Out on Making Your Business All it Can Be!

Award Winning Digital Marketing | Dacula GA

We still lose business to clients who think their cousin who "can put a website together" and think that they're able to handle their digital marketing for them.  It's rather absurd and always ends up badly, because it genuinely takes a team of people to truly make a company's digital presence on the web effective.  There are so very many disciplines involved in digital marketing--  SEO, Web Design, Pay Per Click, Facebook--  and it would take the average business owner most of their time to keep up.  That's why people hire us, so we can manage it for them.  That's also what makes a digital marketing company like Make It Loud so necessary in the business strategy and plan of a local business.  We do the marketing for you, so you don't have to, and so that you can focus on what you do best, which is making money.  With the latest research at our fingertips, we make sure that your digital marketing actually returns value to your company.  Make It Loud has also been honored locally for their work several times-- particularly by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, having won the Small Business of the Year Award (and having been a finalist regularly for it) as well as having won many other awards for our excellent work.  Make It Loud has a consistent work ethic which helps us to excel in our work, not to mention we strive to be relationally excellent as well so that you have a fantastic experience with us.  We do the marketing for your business like it was our very own, and truthfully, we partner with you so that it is.  

We Partner with You!

How?  We are continually working on your behalf, getting you the opportunities you need to make the sale.  We stay in touch, report back on our work, and don't vanish like other agencies do after they collect.  With Make It Loud, we partner with you in your work, being a very extension of your business that drives traffic to you. Our digital marketing in Dacula GA clients hear from us regularly, and we keep them current so that their digital marketing continues to be effective.  Partner with an agency that gets results and is award winning and does their work--  and Make It Loud is just that company.  We have always offered free consultations.  Call now to set up a time to meet with someone from our experienced staff, where they will give you a free digital marketing assessment and also help you find a strategy to make your business excel.  Call today. 678.325.4007

What's the Value of People Seeing Your Website?

Our clients have value for our work.  Here are just a few examples of clients who have worked with us and are getting consistent business off of the web from our digital marketing work on their behalf. 

"In the first 3 weeks of having a website , we can attribute $30,000 dollars worth of business that has come in as a result!"  

  • A Local Auto Body Shop Owner

"After working in my business for years, I had a consultation with MIL Web and they pointed me in a different direction.  Within 6 months  of launching my site and doing digital marketing with them, my whole business changed.  I was making as much money as prior, but on a third of the work, and it was all new work that came from working with Make It Loud.  In fact, in 6 months time, the new work we're doing is half our company's monthly revenue--  all from  Make It Loud's erfforts.  We're actually looking at purchasing a new building so that we are better able to serve our customers in this piece of the business.  We couldn't have done it without their help!"

  • A Local Car Repair Center

Schedule a Strategy Session

We meet with clients regularly and give free strategy sessions to discuss their websites and digital marketing. If you would like to schedule with us, please do so here.

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Effective Digital Marketing

It can be quite easy to rank a page for a client, particularly if you don't do the research on what's being searched in a search engine.  Our digital marketing processes start with data, with research, with analysis, of the trends, search terms, effectiveness of a social media platform, assessment of the budget--  and we take all of these things into consideration when we're creating a digital marketing strategy.  If you've been frustrated with the digital marketing of your company, either because you've worked with other agencies and it's not yielded the results you had hoped for, or because you just can't seem to find your way through whatthe maze of opportunities  available to you in the digital marketing space, then take the time to at least sit down and meet with the good people at Make It Loud to see how they can help you. 

What you get from us will be the truth, as best we understand it, and we'll prepare for you something that will drive potential clients to your business.  So very many clients have entrusted us with work over the years--  in fact we still retain our very first client to this day.  Why? because we create trust and provide excellent work.  Our clients are excited with our results, and we love to hear the stories of people who have found them on the web.

See Our Digital Marketing Work

It's one thing to talk about doing the work and another to have actually done it.  Make It Loud has created literally thousands of websites over the years from clients all over the United States, but primarily here in the Atlanta Metro area near Dacula, since our home base is right here in Gwinnett and always has been.  Make It Loud started as a home based business.  We understand the needs of a growing business, the necessity of leads, and the realities of investing in your own business. That's what's made us effective with other businesses-- we understand.  And now, 15+ years later, we've served so very many industries and so very many clients that we've probably already worked in your space, and have insight into your industry.  

We've served so very many kinds of businesses:  HVAC Companies, Non-Profits, Government Agencies, Consultants, Manufacturers, Distributors, Billboard Companies, travel companies, plumbers, electricians, management companies, medical, dental, tech, auto repair and collision--  there are so very many.  So if you're looking for a digital marketing company with experience in any of these disciplines, and more, then schedule an appointment with Make It Loud to get serious about your business.

A Digital Marketing Agency with a Storefront, and Right Near You!

Travel one exit south on I-85 and you'll find our shop, right on Hwy 20 by the Mall of Georgia. We've been a staple here in Gwinnett for more than 15 years, and it was always important to us to be available to our clients, so we moved into a storefront more than 8 years ago to serve our clients more effectively.  We've had countless clients come and visit us.  Why?  Normally because they've had the screws put to them by some fly-by-night company that posted a Google ad, billed them for $3k-$5k and never did a single thing for that money.  Seriously, like 70% of the clients we encounter have that story. We're better than that though.  We're starters and finishers of work, we're available to you and looking forward to a long-term relationship with you and your company, helping you win in the digital marketing arena.  

Our Service Area

Although our company serves clients nationwide, we are local to the Atlanta market and our storefront is in Buford, GA.  We serve the following towns and communities locally, including:  Alpharetta, Braselton, Cumming, DecaturDacula, Duluth GA, Flowery Branch, Grayson, Hoschton, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Loganville, Norcross, Roswell GA, Sandy Springs, Snellville, Suwanee, &  Winder, We're local to most of the places we describe.  If you're not in that service area, we can still help you!  Feel free to reach out to us:  678.325.4007 any time.

Dacula, Georgia.  A Small Town with a History

Located in the west side of Gwinnett County, Dacula GA is home to some of the older buildings in all of the Metro Atlanta area.   Around the time of the War of 1812, the community was first settled and it was relatively an under-developed faarming community until the 1940's.  Dacula has a small downtown area on Georgia Highway 29, right near where the high school is located, and there are a few of handfulls of shops that operate out of that area.  In the 1980's and 1900's Dacula increased it's population significantly with the addition of the Hamilton Mill community, a development that holds thousands of homes.  Dacula was at one time named after a railroad executive when it went by the name of "Hoke."  Later on, it was changed by combining the letters in Decatur with the letters from Atlanta to form the unique name "Dacula."

Currently home to some of the nicest subdivisions in Atlanta, Dacula has some wonderful parks including:  Dacula Park, Harbins Park, Duncan Creek Park, and the new Mulberry Park).  Mulberry Park particularly is quite expansive, and Dacula is close to some great shopping since it's so close to the Mall of Georgia, which will be the home of such businesses like Top Golf and the Andretti Go Kart experience. 

A local trail near the Buford Dam area.  Buford, GA

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