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Digital Marketing in Loganville, Georgia
We're local to Gwinnett, and we take care of our clients with excellent digital marketing. Since 2004.

Digital Marketing in Loganville, GA

Make It Loud.  Serving Atlanta since 2004.
Website Design, SEO, Pay Per Click, & Social Media Marketing
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Websites can be a dime a dozen. So many businesses do them, and almost as many do them terribly.  Why?.  We've seen a lot of "pretty" websites.  They can be (or not) be aesthetically appealing, but their construction is so poor that you can't even find them in a basic search for their name in Google,  which means that business doesn't get found. That's a loss of investment for a business, becuase they really aren't doing digital marketing well.  It takes more than a pretty website to generated business. 

Business owners need more than having had a web developer or designer create something beautiful.  It absolutely needs great aesthetics to represent a company well, but at the same time, the basics need to be done in order to rank a site.  This is where traction begins. Traction equals traffic to the business from the search engine.  Traffic equals leads.  Leads equals increased sales. This is our work at Make It Loud.  We accomplish these things for clients, so they're  depending on someone having seen a business card or a referral to drive traffic into the doors of their offices or location. When you accomplish this,  you're allowing search engines and social media platforms to do the heavy lifting of getting business for you, driving in traffic while you sit back and do what you do best which is run your business. 

Make It Loud started out as a web design firm back in 2004, so we're established, knowledgeable, and we know web digital marketing. We quickly embraced being professionals in not only design but digital marketing so that we could better serve our clients.  You'll also find services with us like Conversion Optimization which allows us to test how individual pages rank over others, to truly make sure that you are spending your money wisely when you do digital marketing.  All this from a local digital marketing firm near Loganville GA.

Technology Moves Fast & You Should Too!

The Kind of Digital Marketing Company You Want to Do Business with, Since 2004

Finding someone you can trust in the digital marketing industry can be quite a chore.  We've been burned ourselves by marketers who don't own what they're supposed to do.  Not only that, but we still lose business to clients who think their friend or family can design a website or handle their digital properties for them.  Generally these people get nothing for their investment, especially when they use DIY platforms to try to create something that requires a digital marketer.  It honestly takes a team of people to make a company effective at digital marketing these days.  It's not just post an ad to the Yellow Pages and done.  There are too many disciplines that must be mastered for the average business owner to be effective at their own digital marketing.  In almost every instance, when we've seen business owners who do their own work, they end up spending more on digital marketing for less result. That's what makes a digital marketing company like Make It Loud so important to the business strategy and plan of a local business.  We do the digital marketing for you, because we understand it, having the latest research handy for you to make sure that your digital marketing actually returns the value it should to your company.  Make It Loud has also been honored locally for their work several times with awards by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, where they've won the Chamber's Small Business of the Year Award.  They've also been nominated not only for the Pinnacle Award, but also for the Impact award and are  annually.  MILWeb in these arenas are consistent finalists becuase of their outstanding work ethic and their ability to get the results they need to for a client.  Why?  We work on your marketing like it was our very own.  

We Partner with You!

What small businesses don't need is a digital marketing agency that they make the sale and never hear from again.  That's not the way MILweb does business either.  With Make It Loud, its our desire to actually partner with you in your work, being an extension of your company that drives traffic to your business. Our digital marketing in Buford GA clients hear from us regularly, and we keep them current so that their digital marketing is consistently effective.  Partner with an agency that gets results and is award winning--  and Make It Loud is just that company.  We offer free consultations.  Call now to set up a time to meet with one of our trained and experience staff, where they will give you a digital marketing assessment and also help you carve out a strategy to make money for your business on the web. 678.325.4007

The Value of a Website Seen.  Success Stories.

We have success stories, and a ton of them.  The following listed below are companies who have enlisted our services and worked with us, and it describes their results.  These kinds of things are what we accomplish for our clients.

"In the first 3 weeks of having a website , we can attribute $30,000 dollars worth of business that has come in as a result!  Not only that but John and his company at Make It Loud continue to deliver regular, consistent results to our company.  We're on page one of so very many searches--  its like money in the bank."  

  • A Local Auto Body Shop Owner

"I wanted to begin a new kind of auto repair shop, particularly for old cars.  I sought out Make It Loud, they gave us their free consultation, and we hired them to work.  Within 6 months time, that new piece of the business was generating as much revenue for the company as our old work did, and on a quarter of the work that we would normally do.  What prior took 15 cars to do, we now do with 4, and the clientele we have is better as well.  It was the best business decision I made."

  • A Local Car Repair Center

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We meet with clients regularly and give free strategy sessions to discuss their websites and digital marketing. If you would like to schedule with us, please do so here.

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Does Your Digital Marketing in Loganville Work?

If you're asking yourself that question, it likely means that your digital marketing isn't working for you.  Here's how you know how it's working:

  1. You get leads consistently from your website
  2. You get calls consistently from your website
  3. The money you invest in marketing your website is far less than the return you get back for it
  4. Your website is easy to find in a search for your product or services.

If these things aren't happeneing for your company, there's a problem and your digital marketing really isnt' doing its job for you.

If you've been frustrated with the digital marketing of your company, or even if you don't know where to begin with it, Make It Loud can help you. They can teach you how to navigate your way through what is a maze of opportunities in the digital marketing arena, help you find what will work for you, exceute teh job, then take the time to sit down and have a conversation to help you evaluate.  

What you get from us will be the truth, because it's the only way we know to do business, and we'll carve out for you something for your business that works.  So very many clients have entrusted us with work over the years--  in fact we still retain our very first client--  because we create trust and don't break it.  Our clients are excited at our work, and we love to hear the stories of people who have found them on the web.

A Porfolio of Work We're Proud Of.

We've got lots of covers of our work for you to see.  In fact, we've done work all over the United States---  we've served clients in about two thirds of the states in the US, although the majority of our work is done here locally in Loganville, Grayson, Gwinnett and the Atlanta Metro area. If you'd like to see some of our work, hit the Portfolio page button in the main menu and you'll see some of our more recent website designs.  They stand the test of time, and many clients generate business from them for years.

Our clients appreciate our work ethic on their behalf, and appreciate the fact that we not only begin work but we finish it too.  This is the downfall of many digital marketing agencies, and it's not something we can do. We always want to be worth our work, and to finish projects, otherwise a client's business doesn't ever improve.  We also do ongoing work on some client sites, particularly those who put us on retainer for PPC, SEO, or Social Media Marketing.  These too can drive a lot of traffic into a business.

Loganville GA.   You Have a Digital Marketing Shop with a Retail Storefront Near You

Making an investment in digital marketing is no small matter.  You want to meet the people who will be entrusted with the work, because it's one of the most important parts of your business.  It can make our break what you do.  Ultimately, the exposure you do or don't get means your business getting work or not getting work, so the people you work with are as important as the work itself.  That's why Make It Loud is such a special company.  Most digital marketing companies don't care to know the people they work with.  They rank a site, someone calls in, they have a phone convo, sell you something you do or don't need, and then generally don't do the work.  

Make It Loud is different.

We do our work.  We get clients business. We're family owned, and we have a safe space for you to come and visit with us face to face, look us in the eyes, and see what we can do for you to get your business moving.  You can come visit us at any time--  we're available to you if you would like to sit down and talk through the work you need.  We offer free consultations, so just phone in and ask for John and he'll setup an appointment with you to review your digital properties and to have a conversation to help you find business in the web arena.

Our Service Area

Although our company serves clients nationwide, we are local to the Atlanta market and our storefront is in Buford, GA.  We serve the following towns and communities locally, including:  Alpharetta, Braselton, Buford, Dacula, Duluth GA, Flowery Branch, Grayson, Hoschton, Johns Creek. Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Norcross, Roswell GA, Sandy Springs, Snellville, Suwanee, &  Winder, We're local to most of the places we describe.  If you're not in that service area, we can still help you!  Feel free to reach out to us:  678.325.4007 any time.

Loganville Georgia.  Named After a Local Farmer, James Harvie Logan.

The City of Loganville is named after James Harvie Logan, who was a farmer and a shoemaker from Tennessee who purchased the original 62.5 acres of what is now the City of Loganville back in 1842. The property was cheap by our standards--  bought for only $150 at a sheriff’s sale which today might be the equivalent of an auction.

Famlies settled in the area locally, primarily doing farming, and it brought the population of the town to about 500 people.  By 1887, the city was incorporated and  the original limits of Loganville extended a half-mile in every direction from town center. By 1907, the town had grown so that there were 12 mercantile local businesses that were in operation in Loganville alone. The town was also ahead of its time, boasting 4 physicians and two dentists who were taking care of the Loganville residents. The L & L Railroad was a vital link throughout the territory and ran through the center of town which kept Loganville prosperous, but the great depression and boll weevil infestation brought an end to the railroad and the town saw significant decline. 

Now the town has revived and is a sought after place to live.  It's locaed in Gwinnett, not far from Grayson and Lawrenceville, and has small town charm with a significant suburban feel as there are many subdivisions throughout the town.

A local trail near the Buford Dam area.  Buford, GA

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Digital Marketing for the Metro Atlanta and beyond!  Make It Loud inc. will assist you with all of your ecommerce and web design needs.
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